Making an Imprint in children's lives.

Our Mission

Imprint's mission is simple:  Provide relief for at-risk and impoverished youth in our community. Through our various projects, we are helping kids in our communities meet and exceed their education potential. Our goal is to see them through their 12 years of primary school, and remain an impactful part of their lives as they choose to continue their education, or enter into the workforce. Cobb Technologies and Imprint have made it a priority to help these kids go far, no matter what they choose to do. By providing them with recreational reading material, school supplies, backpacks, and nutritional snacks to keep energy up, we are setting the foundation for our community's young people to succeed.


"Helping people is something we need to be doing."

"Whether it is an individual or a corporate entity, I think it's important for us all to reach out and help those who are not as fortunate as we are. Helping people is something we need to be doing. "

— Freddy Cobb, Owner of Cobb Technologies


Since it's inception in September of 2016, Imprint has impacted its local community in a number of different ways.

We are proud to share that we have donated over 400 new books to develop a library for the Elementary Intervention Program in Henrico County Public Schools, as well as collected over 3,000 new books partnering with Barnes & Noble on their Holiday Book Drive. We have started a number of grant programs, including one to provide technology and IT services to small NPO's. We also have in place a scholarship program to help disadvantaged youth in their first year of college. 

Imprint has partnered with Whole Foods Market to help spread awareness about childhood hunger in the Richmond and surrounding county areas. As well, we have begun facilitating a Food Rescue program in Powhatan, Virginia, to provide students with knowledge about recycling and keeping food out of the landfills.